Schoolwide Plans FY21

It’s time to update our Title I Schoolwide Plans.  Since our plans are a three-year plan, the schools do not have to update all of the plan. Schools only have to revise the sections in MCAPS that have changed.  In addition, since standardized tests were not given in the spring, we don’t have test scores, … Read more

ESSER Equitable Services Update

In my previous post, I made note of the limitations on spending funds based on Betsy DeVos’s ruling.  It looks like the  limitations I noted are now inaccurate due to a new interim rule.  From the recent email from MDE and from additional reading I have done on the topic, it looks like if all … Read more

ESSERF and Equitable Services

I’m sure most of you are aware that MDE chose to allocate equitable services based on poverty as opposed to private school student enrollment, as guidance from the US Department of Education detailed.  There has been much disagreement on Capitol Hill with DeVos’s interpretation of the Act.  Members from both sides of the aisle in … Read more

Don’t Forget About Maintenance of Effort

As we approach the CARES ESSER funding period, along with one year extensions for spending FY19 and FY20 monies, and with FY21 carryover requirements waived, districts may find themselves with what is perceived to be extra funds.  The temptation may be to use schoolwide federal dollars to pay for personnel previously funded by district dollars.  Prior to the redefining of supplement not supplant, this would have been considered supplanting.  If your district is considering making these types of moves, I would suggest one look carefully at the pros and cons.  One of the ramifications of shifting personnel expenses to federal is that it could impact the district’s maintenance of effort (MOE) by reducing the amount of state and district funding to a school while federal funding increases.  I ran across the MOE FAQs found in the link below.  The FAQ applies to the CARES Act and to state funding, but as we know, what applies to the state eventually rolls down hill to the districts.  Just something to consider….

FY21 CFPA Completion Hints

As you are aware, the FY21 CFPA is due June 19th.  Most of us submit and wait for MDE to return the plan to us for correction.  As a means of reducing the chance of plans being returned, let me suggest a few hints. If you have any amount of money left on the PPA … Read more

Getting Started with the FY21 Title Plan

I know everyone is busily working on their FY21 Title Applications.  If you have not yet started, that’s okay.  You can still get this done. If you are new at this, let me offer some suggestions that have worked well for me over the years. Gather all personnel costs for the district and each school; … Read more

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