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Vicki Kibodeaux


Federal Programs Specialist

Dr. Vicki Kibodeaux is a former teacher, academic coach, curriculum specialist, and federal programs director who has served in Mississippi schools for twenty-five years. A National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent Generalist, Dr. Kibodeaux received her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern Mississippi with an emphasis on professional development. Dr. Kibodeaux has had extensive training in professional development through Southeast Eisenhower Regional Consortium (SERC) @ SERVE with a focus on developing skills to provide staff development in mathematics and science. She has successful experience in leading teachers in effective instruction, unit lesson planning, and assessment writing. Most recently, Dr. Kibodeaux has spent the last five years working with federal programs. She has extensive experience with consolidated federal programs applications, Title III grants, McKinney-Vento Homeless grants, amendment writing, schoolwide planning, school improvement plans, and monitoring of such programs. A life-long reader, Dr. Kibodeaux enjoys reading when she is not enjoying the company of her five grandchildren. In addition to these pleasures, she holds several leadership roles in her church. Dr. Kibodeaux is married and has 3 sons, one daughter, and one son-in-law.

Federal Programs Spring To-Do List

As we approach the end of the school year in May, the workload tends to skyrocket for federal program directors. The tasks that need to be wrapped up during this busy period are not just routine, but they are crucial for the smooth functioning of our district. Here’s a rundown of key responsibilities that need

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As we approach the planning phase for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, we must ensure that every step we take is intentional, collaborative, and data-driven.  At the heart of our planning process lies the goal of providing the best possible educational experience for our students while maximizing the impact of federal funds received by our

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Federal Programs Title III

The National ESEA Conference took place in February in Portland, OR.  If you didn’t get a chance to attend,  I highly recommend attending the 2025 conference in Houston next year.  There is always something one can learn.  One of the more helpful things I learned applied to the Title III funding and the supplement not

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Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Title IV

It’s that time of year for districts to begin the comprehensive needs assessment, starting with stakeholder surveys.  These surveys are often provided to parents, teachers, and students.  In addition to the surveys, an excellent comprehensive needs assessment includes data that enables an efficient review of the current year and prior years’ successes and challenges.  

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Happy New Year to 2024

It is hard to believe it is already 2024, and the school year is halfway over!  I hope everyone had a safe, relaxing, and joyous holiday break and you could return to work refreshed and renewed. So, what’s next for us in 2024?  To name just a few upcoming requirements, we can anticipate the FY24

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2023 is Almost Over!

It’s hard to believe 2023 is almost over, and half of the school year is gone.  As the calendar year wraps up, what is happening in federal programs? For many of us, December has been filled with working with schools to finalize their schoolwide plans, completing the Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR) surveys, and requesting

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Schoolwide Plan Time Again

It is already November!  The year is going quickly. In Mississippi, due to several circumstances, districts did not complete our schoolwide plans for FY23 until the spring of 2023.  The State Department is trying to get back on schedule and has released the FY24 schoolwide plans for completion. The schoolwide plan (SWP) is the tool

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It’s that time of year to begin thinking about that federal program requirement of school comparability.  So, what is comparability in the federal program world?  The comparability requirement is intended to ensure that school districts spend as much, if not more, state and local resources on Title 1 funded schools as they do with non-Title

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Back-to-School Already

Many school districts are already back in full swing of the new school year, while others are getting ready to kick off.  Whatever your district’s start time, it is a busy and exciting time.  As Federal Programs Director, I don’t want to overwhelm my principals with too much paperwork; however, I know there are required

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