Wrapping Up the 2023-2024 School Year: Essential Steps for Federal Programs

It’s hard to believe another school year has come and gone. As we approach the end of the 2023-2024 academic year, it’s crucial to wrap up existing federal programs and lay the groundwork for the upcoming year. Here are some key steps that help me close out the current year and prepare for the next.

Planning Meetings for FY25 Use of Federal Funds

Start by scheduling your district planning meeting. During this meeting, review data, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set priorities for the next year. This is also an excellent time to review your Parent and Family Engagement Policy with the planning team and make any necessary revisions. Remember, this policy requires annual school board approval.

When planning, ensure you cover all Title programs, not just Title I. Specifically address Title IV in your planning minutes. Additionally, each school should hold their own federal program planning meetings with all stakeholders, reviewing and revising the school’s parent and family engagement plan and compact. These items do not need school board approval.

Review and Revise the District English Learner (EL) Plan

Your District EL Plan needs an annual review and revision, followed by school board approval. Ensure this process is completed timely to align with district policies.

Review Budgets

Take a thorough look at the expenditure budgets for all federal programs. Identify any items, especially salaries, that were overbudgeted and require amendments. Ensure all salaries will be fully expended and check if you’ll meet the 85% carryover requirement for Title I. Now is the time to write revisions and allocate funds for the new year in your accounting system.

Update Monitoring Documentation

Review the monitoring instrument and update all documentation for FY24. Keeping this up to date is crucial, particularly if your district is chosen for monitoring in the fall.

Review Your Federal Programs Procedure Manual

Check if there are any procedural changes that need to be noted in your manual. Keeping this document current ensures compliance and smooth operations.

Review and Revise McKinney-Vento Procedures

Examine your McKinney-Vento procedures for potential barriers and make necessary revisions. Ensure the revision date is noted. These procedures do not need school board approval but must be reviewed regularly.

Complete Time and Effort Documentation

Gather all payroll information and update the time and effort documentation for all schools and the district for the January-June period. Accurate documentation is essential for compliance and auditing purposes.

These steps will help you conclude the current school year effectively and start the new year on a positive note. By staying organized and proactive, you can ensure smooth transitions and continuous improvement in your federal programs.


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