FY21 CFPA Completion Hints

As you are aware, the FY21 CFPA is due June 19th.  Most of us submit and wait for MDE to return the plan to us for correction.  As a means of reducing the chance of plans being returned, let me suggest a few hints.

  1. If you have any amount of money left on the PPA page (even if it is only a few pennies), add or subtract that amount to one of your set aside programs.  Be sure to go and correct this amount on the budget page.  This will leave you with $0 on the PPA page.
  2. Check the allocated amounts on the PPA page for each school to the budget overview page for each school.  Make sure the amounts equal.  The filter by location dropdown will show all the funds allocated to each school and the district.
  3. Check the set aside page to the budget pages for each set aside.  This is made easier if you tagged each set aside when you entered the budget.  You can choose your tag and match to the set aside page.
  4. Make sure the personnel noted on each of the Personnel Detail pages match what is noted in your budget.  The headcount should be whole numbers and the FTE is the percentage of each of the individuals being funded with federal funds.  For instance, an individual working part-time as a tutor would be marked as 1 headcount and .5 FTE, or if someone is funded 80% with federal dollars and 20% with district dollars, the headcount would be 1 and the FTE would be .80.
  5. Check the Plan Relationship page for each grant and make sure there is $0 remaining to be budgeted.
  6. On the Sections Page, review the Messages to see if there are any warnings.
  7. Finally, review the Checklist at the bottom of the Sections page to see if anything was missed.

Good luck with your plans.  May they be promptly reviewed and approved.


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