Does Your District Use Title I Crate?

Does your District use Title I Crate? My principals in Forrest County do not like the word “rejection” on the evidence that doesn’t meet the criteria? I’ve found that one can change the word on the rejection notices. What word do you think would be not quite as offensive as “rejection”? I’ve thought about – … Read more

MDE Monitoring Update

MDE Monitoring Update: As noted earlier, MDE revised the monitoring instrument to clarify some indicators and remove redundant indicators. This has resulted in indicator labels changing. If your district uses Title I Crate, you may want to check the new instrument before uploading anything. To my knowledge, Title I Crate has not been provided the … Read more

Procurement Update

PROCUREMENT UPDATE At the monitoring training, Dr. Judy Nelson clarified the coding of software. If the software is purchased as a subscription and is online, then it should be coded as a service. This would be in the 300s, but could be a 400 object code. This will impact when quotes must be obtained. If … Read more

FY19 Revision Deadline

Your FY19 revision deadline is October 17. Want a few Title revision hints? Many of us received reduced FY19 reallocated funds. A revision can be frustrating, since changes to the fiscal plan can result in changes to the PPA page, which then necessitates touching every school. My suggestion is to make as many changes as … Read more

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