Procurement Update


At the monitoring training, Dr. Judy Nelson clarified the coding of software. If the software is purchased as a subscription and is online, then it should be coded as a service. This would be in the 300s, but could be a 400 object code. This will impact when quotes must be obtained. If coded as a service, then would need 2 quotes only if greater than $10,000 (unless your procedures state otherwise).

The 611 code is for software on a cd/disc. The 600 object code is for supplies (tangible concrete items). If coded as a 611, then 2 quotes will be necessary if greater than $5,000.

Codes 300 & 400 – 2 quotes >$10,000
Codes 600 & 700 – 2 quotes >$5,000

Also, per DFA, costs for quotes/bids/reverse auction will be cumulative by vendor for the dollar threshold.

Judy warned that some monitors will pull by vendor. When questioned if costs would have to be paid back she said that IF students received benefit from the purchase, then 90% of time it won’t have to pay back. Personally, I wouldn’t take a chance.

Let me know your thoughts – questions.

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