The schoolwide plan (SWP) is the tool a Title I school uses to determine the school’s needs and develop a plan to improve the school’s academic achievement.   The schoolwide plan details the process used for planning, the data utilized to determine the school’s needs, the analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and the priorities established by the school.  The priorities drive how the school plans to budget the Title I funds.  The plan currently being written is for the current school year (FY24).  This year the state is a little behind in having the schools write their  SWPs.  As I have worked with my principals, I have reminded them that their plans should reflect what is currently being done.

The good news is that Mississippi schoolwide plans are now four-year plans.  The entire plan only needs to be updated during those four years if something changes within the school as it impacts the SWP.  Each year certain sections must be updated regardless of changes.  This year the following sections should be revised.

  • School planning team
  • School planning process
  • Accountability charts updated with 2022 test data
  • Student achievement charts updated with 2022 data
  • College and Career Readiness chart updated with 2022 data
  • Professional Development chart with 2022 data
  • Prioritized List of Needs section
  • School Plan Overview

The narratives do not have to be updated unless something has changed.  However, you should review the section and see if updated data has impacted what was previously stated.  The School Plan Overview will need to have the action step benchmark reviewed, the estimated completion date updated (I usually use the close of the grant date – 9/30/24.), and the funding amount edited.  Remember that positions should be used rather than names for the person responsible.

I highly recommend using the MDE Schoolwide Plan Rubric.  You may want to edit the rubric to meet your particular school’s needs.  When I read my schools’ plans,  I highlight the section in the rubric in green if it meets the requirements and red if it does not.  I also make comments in different colored ink to explicitly tell schools what needs to be corrected.  I then send the schools their rubric so they can see what needs to be edited.  In addition, this rubric will be evidence of federal programs assistance being provided to the schools.

I’m thankful that MDE has made this year’s schoolwide plan process easier.  Good luck in finalizing your schoolwide plans.

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