Questions about Federal Funds During COVID-19

Since we don’t know how long this COVID-19 social distancing may last, many are thinking we won’t go back to school this year. That raises a lot of questions about federal funds and grant requirements. A few of my questions were

  • Can we pay federally funded personnel for not coming to work as we are paying state funded? The legislature approved to bill to allow us to pay state-funded. That doesn’t apply to federally funded?
  • What happens if we don’t spend all of our 2019 funds that expire in September?
  • What happens if we haven’t met the 85% spending requirement on FY20 funds?

I’m sure there are more questions out there. Post some of your questions and let’s see what we can find out.

I did get answers to mine with the attached OMB guidance. Basically we can pay the federally funded teachers as long as we do it the same way as state funded. Grant deadlines will be extended, so there will be opportunity to spend the funds.

Ask questions and let’s start a conversation!

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