Comprehensive Needs Assessments


Our Comprehensive Needs Assessment is customized for the needs and preferences of your district and meets all state and federal requirements. The report we generate can be confidently used as the foundation for the strategic planning process. It is foundational to any improvement efforts.

Our Comprehensive Needs Assessment survey begins with question selection from a bank of questions. You can construct your own questions, or we can help you get the right questions to elicit the right responses to measure additional target areas.  Our easy-to-use question link offers you an opportunity to point and click for easy selection. Clients may also want to just email us a list of questions. Questions are selected by stakeholder group and may include open-ended questions as well as a five-point Likert scale format. Interim statistics are provided each week to let you know what’s happening with response rates by school and stakeholder group.

Our reports include responses from all stakeholder groups and disaggregated as needed to represent each group. We also include background information about each organization, including data for the past three years where applicable. Finally, we analyze all survey and background data and give you a concise overview of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Comprehensive Needs Assessment is a popular service for school districts because it relieves 90% of the stress involved in conducting and compiling the Federally required Comprehensive Needs Assessment. We offer customized services with fast, accurate results,for a reasonable price.

Because of our exceptional service and reports, our clients return to us year after year. Give us a call at 662-760-2637 and let us give you a quote for your district. 

Comprehensive Needs Assessment Dashboard

See all your data while it is happening

You can now have access to our custom dashboard, which will help simplify the process of completing and receiving your Comprehensive Needs Assessment report.

The dashboard will take you step-by-step through the entire process, from creating your surveys at the start to the printing and shipping of the hard copy of your report at the end.

With our new custom dashboard you can:

  • Manage all details of your project from the dashboard.
  • View real-time statistics of all of your data and sort them by filters.
  • Receive interim data on all survey participation.
  • View previous Comprehensive Needs Assessment
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