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Dr. Vicki Kibodeaux is a former teacher, academic coach, curriculum specialist, and federal programs director who has served in Mississippi schools for twenty-five years. A National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent Generalist, Dr. Kibodeaux received her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern Mississippi with an emphasis on professional development. Dr. Kibodeaux has had extensive training in professional development through Southeast Eisenhower Regional Consortium (SERC) @ SERVE with a focus on developing skills to provide staff development in mathematics and science. She has successful experience in leading teachers in effective instruction, unit lesson planning, and assessment writing. Most recently, Dr. Kibodeaux has spent the last five years working with federal programs. She has extensive experience with consolidated federal programs applications, Title III grants, McKinney-Vento Homeless grants, amendment writing, schoolwide planning, school improvement plans, and monitoring of such programs. A life-long reader, Dr. Kibodeaux enjoys reading when she is not enjoying the company of her five grandchildren. In addition to these pleasures, she holds several leadership roles in her church. Dr. Kibodeaux is married and has 3 sons, one daughter, and one son-in-law.

Deadline Extended for FY20

So…. MDE extended the deadline for FY20 plans. It all seems to hinge around the revised allocation amounts. MDE appears to be having a hard time getting the correct reallocation amount back in the funding page after making adjustments for December draws. How are you handling this?

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2020 Fiscal Spending Bill

I don’t think we will have to worry about funding cuts next year….🤔 Even though President Trump’s proposed budget had cuts for the Department of Education, he signed the fiscal 2020 spending bill into law that increased education funding. “The fiscal 2020 spending bill Trump just signed provides $72.8 billion in discretionary funding to the

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CNA Time of Year

We are entering that CNA time of year when most of us are getting ready to administer surveys to all stakeholders. When you create your surveys, don’t forget to include questions about Title IV. Remember it is mandatory to do a Title IV survey every 3 years. Why not make it a part of your

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What Are Your LEA Plans

How are your LEA plans looking? There are some districts who had their plans returned due to a kink in the system. Most of these districts were those who had transferred funds from Title II and/or Title IV to Title I. It appears MDE had to return the reallocated amounts back to the original allocation

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! As we enter the last half of the 2019-2020 school year, may your days be richly blessed! May you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe. May your LEA plans, schoolwide plans, and school improvement plans be approved quickly! May your monitoring visits be stress-free with no findings. But most importantly,

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Best Conferences for Federal Programs

This is one of the best conferences for federal programs out there. It was previously titled the National Title I Conference. If you can make it, I would recommend going.

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FY20 Monitoring Instruments

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day! I want to let you know that the FY20 monitoring instrument and accompanying documents are now uploaded in MCAPS. For those of you who are NOT being monitored, this instrument is supposed to be good for three years. If you were working under the old instrument,

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Ideas for Title I Annual Meetings

One of Melissa Garrison’s schools had a great idea for the Annual Title I Meetings. They will hold the meeting and video it. They will then post the video on Facebook. Parents can then view at the time best for them. They can write their name as a sign-in and/or click the like button to

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Does Your District Use Title I Crate?

Does your District use Title I Crate? My principals in Forrest County do not like the word “rejection” on the evidence that doesn’t meet the criteria? I’ve found that one can change the word on the rejection notices. What word do you think would be not quite as offensive as “rejection”? I’ve thought about –

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