For Security

There has been no more critical time in our history for good security. With the advent of Covid-19, mental health issues have risen. Our security audit helps identify strengths and weaknesses in your district or facility. Our procedures include experienced personnel who come to your district and quickly assess the following:

1. A review of district policies and procedures.

2. Surveys and/or interviews of students, teachers, staff, and parents.
3. An intruder assessment that tests current access control and visitor management procedures at each facility with successive barrier inspection.

4. An onsite visit to each facility that includes an interview with the campus administrator, a walk-through and visual assessment of all building interiors and exteriors including grounds, a review of building level plans and protocols and an exit conference.

5. A written report which summarizes the findings for each facility, which includes commendations and recommendations along with an overall district report which includes building level strengths and weaknesses.

6. Violence prevention plans: Active threat plans and threat management team processes, and bullying prevention planning.

Disclaimer: Education Resources sells no security equipment and has no agenda except to help increase the safety and security of your campus.

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